[Alphabet Haiku] Zinnias

alphabet haiku ii


Zest in the desert
Zippy among the brown shrubs

And so ends the Alphabet Haiku challenge.

Just in time for NaHaiWriMo (National Haiku Writing Month). But I might be haikued out. It may be time to jump back into some prompts and share some short fiction.


[Alphabet Haiku] Xenomorph

It’s January 31st and I’m coming to the end of the Alphabet Haiku challenge. It’s down to the hard ones now, with the letters X, Y and Z.

The OED only contains 400 words that start with X. I wasn’t sure I was going to figure something out for this.

Luckily, I was raised on horror movies…

alphabet haiku ii


Xenomorphs they aren’t
xylophagousthe young eat