In Motion

He moves like lava. Molten, fluid, deadly and destructive to everything in his path.


Side Flings

When she finally deigns to look, the signs are glaring at her from every corner of her life. The end of slow, lazy Sunday mornings in bed, of Friday evenings spent together at home; the late nights “at work” and his immediate need to shower when he gets home. The increase in dirty clothes and him doing his own laundry; the constant fatigue and the “not tonight, honey” responses.

One Sunday, she follows him. He drives to the mall one town over. She hides herself in the bright colors of the post-Church shoppers, keeping him just in sight until he makes a sharp right through a colorful shop entrance. 

When she gets there, she stops, blinks twice and re-reads the sign posted in the entryway: Dance Dance Revolution Contest Finals TODAY.

For the Daily Post prompt: Glaring.

[Saturday Shorts] 7-29-17

Your prompt: 

The song hits its climax then fades away. She switches the mp3 player off, pulls the ear buds from her ears, bundles the mess together and drops it on her night table.

Rolling onto her side in the cool, pitch black room, she pulls the covers up to her chin, flops her head on the pillow.

There’s a sudden scratch of sound in the darkness. A voice hissing her name.

 In 200 words, what happens next?

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The Last Stall


The tattooed lady is the last stop on the sideshow. Jay finds her in a lone stall, behind a curtain shimmering like nacre. She stands naked, body long and lean and unadorned but for the black-ink snaked winding sinuously from the bird-boned curve of her left ankle to her right shoulder blade.

Jay watches it detach its diamond shaped head from her scapula, ribbon thin tongue tasting the air, the wriggling mouse she holds over her shoulder.

A smooth jaw-snapping lunge and the snake flattens back into ink, the lump of mouse now a strange, wiggling growth beneath her skin.


For this week’s 100 Word Challenge: Snake.