[Poetry] Light Fashioned Me

I actually like this one. I wrote it about….9 years ago (…crap). It’s a sister poem to one I had published in my college’s literary journal. 

Light fashioned me human

gave me memory
Again, I had skin, bones, blood
a name
but my heart stayed frozen
by that long, cold journey
from dark to light,
even as I burned
as green as leaves newly open
in heavy golden air
that spilled all summer over roses
blooming in Technicolor
on tissue paper trees
but Winter lived just beneath that green
and I huddled beneath my skin
Now, I do not know anymore
what I am…
and when I wake
it is to find smooth sky
mirroring broken fields
the world turned
as shadowless as
the dark side of the Moon
as small
as our horizons
that ring us
as we reach out
to touch the white fire
that exists only
in our greatest visions

Comment? Feedback? Praise? Inspire me.

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