Act Your Age?

I’m 31 this year, but the point still stands.

Well, except for those days where I feel like I’m about 16, mentally.

At the risk of being a tad narcissistic, happy birthday to me.

The next few weeks may be a bit sparse as I battle with my muse and my inner demons (see: inner critic) working toward my sparse, but very much achievable, word count goal for Camp NaNoWriMo.

Wish me luck. (I need it!)


6 thoughts on “Act Your Age?

  1. I was of the generation of “Don't trust anyone over 30,” so when I turned 30 I took to my bed with a bottle of cheap wine. Then as the years piled up and I began to gain confidence in my own skin, damned if life didn't get better and better. Age truly ain't nothing but a number. Happy Birthday.


  2. Trust me, I'm well past you in age but still feel 16 sometimes, too. It's okay. Having birthdays add up may be depressing, but I remind myself it's better than the alternative. Have a great one!


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