An Almost Adult Conversation

“Tell me again.” Nick’s voice is soft, wary. The same incredulity he’s used against people on the stand.

Sam swallows, finds his throat hot and tight. He actually hadn’t meant to say it out loud, probably never would have if it weren’t for the damned blindfold. Something about not being able to see took away his filter, allowed him to say all manner of things. Some that would make a sailor blush.

And others that made his loquacious lover drop into a stunned silence.

But…was the revelation really that surprising?

“I love you,” Sam says.

The bed dips as Nick sits on it. His fingertips pass in front of Sam’s mouth and Sam presses a quick, tongue-damp kiss to the pads, feels more than hears Nick’s sharp breath. If he could see through the silk of Nick’s tie, he’s pretty sure he’d find the man staring at him the way he does the cases that cross his desk: intrigued, determined to peel away the layers and reveal the truth of the matter.

“You love what I do for you. To you.”

“I do love the way you hurt me.” Sam shifts, feeling the ache in his muscles, his bound arms. “And the way you make it better. The way you give me what I need.”


“And I love how you react when I give you what you want. How you touch me, curl around me when we fall asleep.” Sam pauses, considers, forges ahead. “I love that you went into human rights law and that you sing in the shower when you think I’m not listening and that you cook me breakfast even though you said the smell of bacon makes you gag.”

Nick’s hand lights on Sam’s throat, toying with the black chord of his necklace and the plain silver band—that Nick had given him months ago—hanging from it.

Sam turns his head, lays his face against those broad fingers. “I love the way you smell when you’ve been outside.” He darts out his tongue, licks along the meat of Nick’s palm, the soft, tender wrist. “I love the way you taste. And I love the way you feel when you come. The sounds you make, the way you grip me, like I’ve taken you completely apart.”

A half choked noise, and Nick’s hands catch in Sam’s hair, fingers tugging the knot in the tie, brushing it away from Sam’s face.

Sam blinks into the light. “I love that we put each other back together, better than we were before.”

A smile catches the corners of Nick’s mouth and Sam takes a deep breath. “I love you.” It’s harder this time, looking into the deep amber of Nick’s eyes.

And easier.

And when Nick presses close, mouth seeking the sensitive skin at the juncture of Sam’s neck and shoulder, his tongue spinning out soft words of agreement, hot words of encouragement, and his fingers digging just so into the curve of Sam’s hips, it’s totally worth it.


For Inspiration Monday’s challenge “complimentary compliments.”

And Studio30Plus’s prompt using the third definition of “love” – sexual passion or desire.

Questions, comments, constructive criticism? I welcome them in the comments section.


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