Potentially Catastrophic Input

Because I always forget to close my laptop when I take a break from writing, the cat (one out of four) decides to help me out with my word usage.

Years ago I had a cat that loved to chew paper. I think I still have old drafts of stories bearing teeth marks.

Do you have animal companions that try to help you with your writing? What’s the outcome? 


3 thoughts on “Potentially Catastrophic Input

  1. I have one particular old cat who has made it his job to sit on or near me every time I'm writing. He curls up between my arms and the keyboard. I think I'm going to have to dedicate a book to him.


  2. Oh too funny. I have a pug who likes to sleep on my hand as I type, so there's a good distraction. And I just adopted a lab who likes to try and eat my laptop…so there's another!


  3. Aww. Yeah, my youngest girl cat loves to sit between me and the keyboard making it nearly impossible to write. She's also the one who made the above edits to my word usage…


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