Music Mondays: The More Things Change

This time, last year, I was just beginning to settle into our new apartment and into my new routine. Boxes were still flowing from my office out into the hallway and, in between doing the occasional assignment for work, I was busy battling packing paper and trying to find the appropriate home for all manner of knick-nacks that I insist on carrying with me from place to place, and wondering – in the very back of my mind – where I might be moving next, two or four or more years from now.

This time in 2000, which is where I’m pulling this week’s music list from, I was busy considering other movements and changes: my Senior year in high school, whether or not I’d be moving to go to college or would follow my original plan to start at a local community school (and where I’d go from there).

I can see that things change. But they really don’t change that much.

And the music in my list this week seems to reflect the theme of change.

What songs make it easier for you to deal with changes in your life? 

1. Pinch Me – Barenaked Ladies
2. Try Again – Aaliyah
3. Learn to Fly – The Foo Fighters
4. Meet Virginia – Train
5. I Try – Macy Gray








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