100 Words: Sighting on I-24

The driver of the 84 Honda that’s caused the crack-up on the east bound lane of I-24 is middle aged, sporting black framed “Birth Control glasses,” a Green Peace t-shirt, and has graying hair tied up in a messy braid halfway down his back. The air around him reeks of patchouli.

But, Vicky thinks as she takes his statement, he’s the least weird person she’s encountered this week.

“And that, officer,” the man leans close, “is when I saw the unicorn.”

Vicky’s pen pauses mid scratch. She blinks, shrugs, and goes back to writing.

Still not the weirdest this week.

I’m dipping my toes back into Velvet Verbosity’s 100 word challenge. (And it’s a good thing because I’ve been terribly lazy lately and haven’t been writing anything. Well, I’ve been writing in my head… But I don’t count that.)

This week’s word was “Spectacle.”


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