Today’s Office Companion


He’s been keeping me company while I jump (because I can’t just view tutorial after tutorial) between exploring a new software program for work and catching up on blog stuff.


10 thoughts on “Today’s Office Companion

  1. Yeah, that's the only thing. When we travel, we have to make plans 3-6 months ahead so we can get someone to cat-sit. (Especially now that we don't live near either of our parents.) So, we mostly stick to day and weekend trips where I can leave out the automatic feeder/waterer.

    And even then, I feel guilty for leaving them by themselves.


  2. I love Slinky! What a cute picture.

    I love how my dog Chuck naps all curled up. It calms me to hang out with him when he's chillin'. My favorite thing to say to him when he's resisting one of my commands is “I know, your life is hard.”


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