Wednesday Writing Romp #5

Wednesday sneaked up on me as I was trying to recover from my trip and get my brain to wrap around some profile writing for work. So, I’m going to take a dive into my picture folder and see what I come up with.

I’m also changing the rules around for the writing romp.

You have a choice between writing 50, 250, or 500 words on the prompt I provide. The word counts must be exact. Genre and style are still up to you. “Deadline” remains the same: Sunday at midnight. If you want to share what you’ve written, leave a link in a comment to this post by that time.

This week’s prompt:

Via Stock Xchng


5 thoughts on “Wednesday Writing Romp #5

  1. I don't have much time but I feel… when I look at this photo. I will do my best to get something written before midnight and posted. Thank you for sharing your prompts. I believe you have just acquired a new Follower.



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