100 Word Challenge: Game Change

Whiskey Glass. Dstagner – Flickr.

Continuing on from last week’s One Moment In a Day.
Sometimes, she played a game after a hard-won scavenge, challenged herself to find the most frivolous use of her time.
Tonight, it was five-token whiskey, a plush chair in what was once a luxury hotel’s lobby and a half-doze under a barely powered ceiling fan.
Only tonight’s game was interrupted, by a rough voice growling, “Boss wants a meeting,” and the voice owner—a large, ugly man, wearing an M-shaped burn on his cheek—dragging her, blinking, bewildered, through the dusty, dank labyrinth of hotel halls.
And the only coherent thought in her mind was: I don’t have a boss.

Next: “On the Trail

For Velvet Verbosity’s 100 Word Challenge. (Guest Poster: AurorarLee.) This weeks’ word was “Game.” (And I actually used it in the piece this time. Unusual for me.) This week’s prompt was a bit difficult. I had a different scene in mind and it didn’t pan out… (I also realized I was coming up on the deadline at about midnight last night [being out of town threw me off schedule], so I scrambled my grey matter trying to find something that would work.)

5 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge: Game Change

  1. “Like Tara said, very intriguing.”

    Thank you.

    I'm not sure when we're going to find out what's up with this boss. I'm mid-move and juggling the day job which has suddenly decided to become a distraction after being rather slow… My muses are annoyed.


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