100 Word Challenge: The Scavenger

By Chris LeCroy (Flickr: IMG_2626) via Wiki Commons

First, she was aware of the bitter mélange of blood and dust on her tongue. Then the weight of broken sheetrock on top of her.
When she dug her way out from under the collapsed ceiling, she realized her pack was missing.
“God damn it.” There went a week’s worth of scavenging. The depot store, well hidden by half an overpass and a copse of trees, had been a gold mine. She doubted anyone had set foot inside it since the world went to hell.
That doubt led her to break her only real rule: Be paranoid. (You’ll live longer.)
For Velvet Verbosity’s 100 Word Challenge. (This week’s word is “unconscious.”)

10 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge: The Scavenger

  1. Thanks so much; I'm very glad you enjoyed it.

    And thanks for the blog-compliment.

    It took me at least two hours before I got the shades in Blogger + the colors I was using for my header to match up to the idea I had in my head.

    (In all honesty, I think I was using that as an excuse to hide from one of my short stories….)


  2. Thank you all for the comments. I appreciate it.

    And I was thinking of continuing this as a little 100-word challenge blog serial for the time being. I know there's more to this girl's story…


  3. Nothing more to say that hasn't been said already, just wanted to add my voice. Like your word choice, flows really well, and it is a great chunk for something larger.


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